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Successful sales people are best at selling themselves to a company.


When assigned to the workprobes.online in the selection process, a candidate called me saying “it is not a test, workprobes.online requires real work. There are no questions, just tasks to execute. Are you sure, you have sent me the right test?“.


Yes, I was sure, as the future boss can be sure, that hiring this candidate would lead to conflicts because of the discrepancies between promises and real achievements, route planned and accomplished, the number of strong prospects and the number of contracts signed.


Coding and business analytics courses



Applying workprobes.online in two consecutive groups of 19 and 17 people we could establish a strong correlation between staying in the program and the perseverance factor value.


In case of the second group, professors were able to retain 80% of students who then achieved their diploma.


With insights gained through early indications of perseverance, Professors had personalized guidelines to student in danger of leaving the program.


Call center - short story


With above average turnover,  CC company applied workprobes.online in their exit interviews.  There were three work attributes that were identified and associated with turnover in CC position. The first factor identified was tolerance for monotony, the ability and willingness to respond to the same questions the same way, the whole day. The second critical factor was rule following; whether the associates hold to the script and can close a conversation in the time given. The third critical factor was perseverance; the ability to answer the calls with the same enthusiasm even in the 8th hour of a shift, on the 5th day of the working week.


These three attributes were threshold factor while handling conflicts, empathy and persuasive ability only became success factors in candidates with the threshold attributes.

Production case study


Shift leaders face continual challenges of meeting operation demand and the best fit of their people with specific tasks.


Outcomes of the workprobes.online informs the leader of the best placement and coaching for a newcomer  and also provides a guide to suitability of assignments related to routine and repetitive tasks, or more challenging  problem solving.  Less trial and error, means greater productivity and employee satisfaction.




A case with happy ending


A seventeen year old was let go from her position as a janitor at a department store.


When examined by workprobes.online, the results revealed that consequences aren’t a priority for her. However, if provided with concrete, finite tasks, she will be able to complete these tasks within the time given.


When we dug further we found that if the department store were to break the job position into hour long task blocks, the girl would have been able to complete all tasks within the time given.


The only and each time the problem surfaced was at the end of every shift, when the girl had not done anything – and there wasn’t an opportunity for supervision, so they had to let her go.


The story has a happy ending however – based on our recommendations, she was hired by a packaging plant, where her job is facilitated by machines and other employees, who motivate her and help her prioritize tasks. She has worked there since.

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