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The Assessment Tool

Our Employeefying tool enhances success of the leader and the new employee. A simple, low cost 20 minutes evaluation process provides a valuable tool to supervisors efforts to support business results.

It empowers managers to understand how to retain and develop new associates enabling them to get the best from new recruits / associates regardless of their capabilities on joining the organization.

Reports relate employee attitudes and behavior to supervisory actions.  This tool identifies and focuses leaders on critical contributions and attitudes needed by employees.

Available anywhere

Currently in 14 languages


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3 leadership grounds

11 factors measured

3 profiles

20 minutes



Workprobes.online simulates a real working environment for the candidates, providing three tasks to resolve in 20 minutes, with no direct supervision while working.

Workprobes.online scans performance related to behavior and general attitudes about work.  This assessment occurs prior to interviewing the candidate in person.

The workprobes.online has two interfaces; one is the application interface, the other is the administrator's portal. As soon as the associate/applicant finishes the three tasks, results are available on the admin site in the rank table and in the two-profile report.

The candidate sessions are saved on an administration site available for your company, and in case you require, for expert psychologists.

Workprobes.online is a website. Available anywhere, with a multilingual interface for candidates.

No need


- for special equipment, or installing a system,

- for an expert on site,

- for time to organizing groups of candidates,

- to spend time compiling evaluations.


Results are validated by experts.

Even when outsourcing selection, Workprobes.online keeps your company in control of the process.

Author's note


Workprobes.online can be applied only if the candidate agrees to use the results of the probes in the company's people management processes.

Workprobes.online is bias-free and non-discriminatory. It has been validated by retests and correlated with real life performance.

It is neither a capability test, nor a questionnaire.

Results are strongly predictive, coming from real task execution and not from self-descriptive methods.