3 leadership roles

11 factors measured

20 minutes


Our Employeefying© tool enables success for both the supervisor/leader and the new employee through a simple low cost 20 minutes screening process, and easy to build in to every day supervisory practice/routine results.


It empowers managers to understand how to retain and develop new associates enabling them to get the best from new recruits, regardless of their capabilities on joining the organization.

Reports relate personal work attitudes and behavior to supervisory acts through which leaders can make an impact on those attitudes and behavior in an easy form

Employeefying© with Workprobes

Achieve more with less

Workprobes is a website (workprobes.online). Available online, anywhere, with a multilingual interface for candidates.

No need -

for special equipment, or installing a system,

for an expert on site,

to spend time with organizing groups of applicants.

No time spent on manual evaluation. Results are validated by experts.

Even when outsourcing selection, Workprobes keeps your Company in control over the process.

Employeefying© with Workprobes

How does it work

Workprobes simulates a real working environment for the candidates, providing three tasks to resolve in 20 minutes, with no direct supervision while working.

Workprobes scans performance related to behavior and general attitude to work prior to interviewing the candidate in person.

The candidate sessions are saved on an administration site available for your Company, and in case you require, for expert psychologists.

You can contract a monthly fee (per person prescreened) or to subscribe for a given service period.

Workprobes is different

Workprobes supports your company's employee strategy, relying and focusing on the leadership of your management.

The outcome of our Workprobes tool directs supervisors on how much investment in time and energy your company should invest in each candidate to Employeefy©, these people, including:


performance level, rule following behavior,

drive for performance, reliability of the work done,

need for supervision, readiness to learn, and

mobility between work stations or tasks.

Author's note

Workprobes can be applied only if the candidate agrees to use the results of the probes in the selection process.

Workprobes is non-discriminative, is validated by retests, and correlated with real life performance.

It is neither a capability test, nor a questionnaire.

Results are strongly predictive, coming from real task execution and not from self-descriptive methods.

Employeefying© is specifically recommended for companies

with a high level of staff turnover conducting large scale recruitment processes requiring accelerated onboarding processes for accelerated ramp-up;

jobs requiring tolerance to monotony or internal mobility (automotive) to match people with tasks;

elevated need for precision (pharma) to sustain compliance;

high risk of injury (chemical, heavy industry) to strengthen safety and


with no supervision to improve autonomous work and problem solving.

Fresh answers to old questions

Workprobes has been developed and validated through applied research processes with over 45,000 respondents.

It has consistently proved to be an effective and powerful tool for our clients even within radically changing labor market conditions.

It sets the foundation for successful recruitment and onboarding, driving mutual long term collaboration between all parties.

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